FAQs About Paver Sealing For Homeowners


If you have pavers in your yard, then it is important to know the basics about paver sealing. Having your pavers sealed not only keeps them looking new and fresh but can also protect them from damage and prevent them from becoming slippery when wet. Since most people hire professionals to seal their pavers, you do not have to become an expert. But reviewing the answers to a few common questions will help you better navigate the process of having your pavers sealed.

Are pavers pre-sealed?

Most brick and concrete pavers are not pre-sealed. There are a few makes and models that are. However, unless you were told that you were getting pre-sealed pavers or read on the label that your pavers were pre-sealed, you can generally assume that they did not come sealed.

Why can't pavers be sealed when they are first installed?

You might wonder why the landscapers or contractors can't just save themselves a trip and seal the pavers on the day they install them. The reason is that once pavers are installed, it can take them some time to acclimate to the surrounding conditions. Part of this acclimation process is releasing any "loose" minerals inside the brick or concrete. These minerals will come to the surface and will look like a white powder or sheen. Known as efflorescence, this powder or sheen will need to be removed before the pavers can be sealed. If you were to seal the pavers before the efflorescence worked its way to the surface, your results may be uneven or discolored.

How long does the sealant take to dry?

Every product is a little different, but most paver sealers dry within two or three days. So, stay off your pavers for at least this long. If it is hot and humid outside, you may need to give the pavers even longer to dry.

Do you have to seal pavers?

If you want your pavers to last, then yes, you do have to seal them. If you leave them unsealed, then they will get moist every time it rains. Eventually, this will cause the material to weaken and become crumbly. Algae growth is also a concern when you leave pavers unsealed.

Now that you know these basics, give a local paver sealing company a call. Most companies can come seal your pavers within a few short hours, and then you won't have to worry.


23 May 2023

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