5 Tips For Choosing A Restaurant Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service


Restaurant kitchen hood cleaning services are an important investment for the safety of a business and its employees. When hoods are not properly maintained, they become fire hazards. They can also impact the ability to operate if a fire marshal flags a hood lined with excess grease as a safety hazard. Investing in regular, professional cleaning helps avoid hassles and reduce risks. When choosing a cleaning service, there are several points to consider to guarantee top results.

How closely does the service follow NFPA guidelines?

It's important to choose a service well-versed in National Fire Protection Agency 96 guidelines. These minimum requirements for kitchen hood cleanings are based on the volume of grease vapors generated by a restaurant over time. For high-volume restaurants regularly cooking with solid fuel, such as charcoal, pellets, or wood chips, policy dictates monthly cleanings.

In restaurants with consistent grilling operations and a number of grease vapors released, cleaning is quarterly to monthly based on need. Smaller enterprises like lunch counters with a limited need for grill use can stay within NFPA guidelines with twice-annual cleanings. Few restaurants meet the low-volume requirements necessary for an annual cleaning minimum. Seasonal eateries, such as a commercial snack bar at a baseball park, are potential exceptions.

Does the service comply with best practices from equipment manufacturers?

Cleaning services should help customers comply with manufacturer warranties or uphold the terms of an equipment lease by using cleaning techniques in keeping with stated policies. Reputable firms generally use industry standards to set best practices for the hood and duct cleaning, making compliance easy.

What best practices are used to protect other equipment and surfaces?

A lot of expensive equipment is housed in a commercial kitchen, so protecting an investment in other supplies is essential. Always ask about protective measures a cleaning service takes to protect grill tops, walls, floors, and more during the grease removal process.

Are rush services available?

With regular cleaning, there may never be a need for emergency service. However, it is a good best practice to know if a service provider offers assistance outside of normal business hours or can rush a job if an inspection reveals a problem.

Are there add-ons?

Some restaurants only need basic cleaning services from day one. However, some need remedial help to ensure efficient, safe cleaning of the hood and ductwork. Find out what additional services a kitchen hood cleaning company offers, such as roof protection, hinge installation, or filter replacement, to help minimize costs and limit the number of contractors on call. Learning about à la carte options also helps avoid billing surprises when additional services are required.

To learn more about restaurant kitchen hood cleaning, reach out to a local service provider.


26 October 2022

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