4 Ways To Use Office Cleaning Services To Satisfy Flex-Work Employees


Remote work is something your office may have done primarily or entirely for a time. While this working method can produce excellent productivity and happy employees, you may need to transition previous office workers working remotely into a flex schedule. A reliable way to keep your employees happy is to go above and beyond to satisfy their wants and needs.

Hiring office cleaners will help you provide benefits and maintain a safe and clean workplace for flex employees to work in two to three times a week.


Going green with cleaning is smart because some employees will appreciate the eco-friendly efforts. Another benefit is reducing or eliminating chemical use in the office, which can keep sensitive employees from being negatively affected by distant chemical exposure.

Some employees may simply not like to smell chemicals when they come into the office. Many green cleaning products use natural ingredients to leave a pleasant odor after cleaning.


Allowing employees to bring their dogs to work can greatly boost morale and satisfaction. However, you may know that dogs will inevitably make a huge mess inside the office. Even short-hair breeds will leave hair and dander throughout the workplace. Hiring office cleaners is an excellent solution because they can keep up with cleaning demands from dogs in the office.

Professionals can also take care of any dog-related accidents that need cleaning. Ideally, you want to do an initial cleaning and let office cleaners handle stain removal and deep cleaning.


Someone who works from home may feel in control of their allergies because they can use an air purifier in their home office and keep the windows closed on high-pollen count days. An employee can also furnish and decorate the office to minimize allergen buildup. You want to make employees who are sensitive to allergies feel confident about coming into the office.

Office cleaners can dust, vacuum, and clean air purifiers to keep allergens at bay. Professional cleaning several times per week will help maintain an allergen-free office.


While allowing dogs, demanding green cleaning, and handling allergies will help many employees, you will also benefit from providing a spotless office in general. A smart move is to pay close attention to how long your office takes to get dirty after a professional cleaning. You can get as detailed as analyzing how many work hours it takes to reach certain dirtiness levels.

Maintaining a high level of cleanliness will help to satisfy your flex-work employees. For more information, contact a company like Total Dynamics Cleaning Services, LLC.


9 August 2022

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