How Often Should You Perform Mold Inspection


Mold thrives in areas with excess moisture. Therefore, you may experience fast-spreading mold growth if your home has excess moisture. The molds may make your home look unsightly, and mold spores can trigger allergies. Therefore, you need to conduct mold inspections to detect mold growth early. After inspection, you can determine the mold remediation interventions to take. So, how often should you perform a mold inspection?

When You Want To Buy a New Home

Purchasing a home can be costly, and you want to invest your money in a worthy home. However, molds can cause structural damage to homes. This is because the fungus feeds on wood and breaks the wood down to organic matter. This weakens a home's structural integrity, increasing the risk of collapse. Therefore, buying a mold-infested home may not be a good idea as you may need to hire mold removal services at an extra cost. 

Mold inspections help you identify mold presence in homes. If an inspection reveals mold growth, you can request the seller to perform mold removal to avoid extra mold remediation expenses. Also, you get to purchase a home that's in good condition, without mold damage.

When Your Home Has Water Damage

Water leakage or flooding in your home can cause your home to be highly moist, leading to mold growth. Therefore, a mold inspection may be necessary if you have a leakage in your plumbing system or your basement has been flooding. The mold inspection services will check for mold growth in the high-risk areas where the water damage occurs. Then, the professionals document their findings for you to take the appropriate action. For instance, if there's no mold growth, ensure that your home is free from excess moisture to prevent mold growth.

When Your Home Has a Musty Smell

If your home is well-aerated, yet the indoor air smells stale, you may have a mold problem. In this case, a mold inspection is necessary to identify the affected areas. Start by inspecting the hidden areas such as under sinks and attics, which are prone to leakage. Then, proceed to check other parts of the home for mold growth. If present, you can carry out mold removal. Once you eliminate molds from your home, mold inspections may be necessary to ensure that your home is free from molds.

You should carry out a mold inspection when you want to purchase a new home and when there's a musty smell or water damage in your home. Consider performing mold inspections as often as you see these signs.


9 February 2022

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