Manway Water Cannons: A Brief Overview Of Their Benefits


Commercial buildings get dirty and grimy fast. This issue has several causes: mud and dirt from busy roads, particle build-up caused by extensive pollution, pollen, graffiti art, and bacteria and algae growth topping the list. Cleaning a dirty building is essential because a property's exterior plays a significant role in determining the impression it makes, customer experience, and appearance compared to other nearby buildings. That is why cleaning is indispensable. And to clean a large setup or equipment, you need powerful equipment like manway water cannons.

Essentials of Manway Water Cannons

Manway water cannons are automated hydro jetting machines that use high-pressure water for cleaning. They are necessary for many industries because their power makes them effective in liquefying sludge left behind in tanks during industrial processes. Modern manway water cannons also come with cameras that allow operators to clean components like pipes and tanks without entering or unsealing them. But you can also use them to spray grime and dirt off your commercial building's exterior if you want to improve its appeal.

Benefits of Using Manway Water Cannons

Manway water cannons have numerous benefits, including:

1. Long reach

If your building or tank rises to great heights, cleaning it can be a problem, especially if you lack equipment like cranes. Moreover, although cleaning crews try to solve the issue by moving equipment to the highest point, the activity isn't advisable considering the possibility of falling and subsequent damage. But you can avoid such inconveniences using a manway water cannon. Such equipment can reach high up in the air, allowing you to clean effectively from the ground. Moreover, these machines are power-packed and suitable for tackling hard-to-reach places that cleaners consider a safety risk.

2. Wide rotation

Every cleaner needs equipment that makes their job easier, more so in a commercial setting where demanding tasks are a norm. Manway water cannons help to that end by providing a highly maneuverable solution with optimum rotation. That makes them highly effective in cleaning spaces like silos and small offices, which are tight squeezes in many cases. And the best thing is, with such maneuverable equipment, you can clean all walls or sides without having to shift the water cannon's position constantly.

3. Safety

Since manway water cannons have a long reach, using them to clean a commercial building's exterior saves you from scaling dangerous heights with cleaning tools. That way, you lessen the chances of falling and incurring debilitating injuries and disability. In addition, these hydro jetting machines help experts boost safety in industrial tank cleaning projects. The reason is, you can use a manway water cannon for non-entry tank cleaning and operate it remotely from a safe location. That reduces your exposure to hazardous grime and poisonous gasses.

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18 January 2022

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