Having A Christmas Party? Make Sure The Air Ducts Are Clean


If you are having a Christmas party, there are many things you need to clean. One area that may be dirty is the air ducts. Because you cannot see these, you need to hire an air duct cleaning company. Below are some reasons why this is so important, as well as how an air duct cleaning company works. 

Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

The air ducts may have dirt and debris but there could also be mold and other allergens in them. No matter what it is, when your HVAC unit runs, the air goes through the ductwork and picks up the dirt, debris, mold, and allergens and these things then blow into your home. 

If you have people that have allergies or any type of respiratory problem, these things can affect them. Also, your home may become more dusty than normal. If you have people staying in your home for more than one night, this is especially important. 

Cleaning Air Ducts

The first thing the air duct cleaning contractor will do is inspect the ductwork to see how dirty they are. To see everything, they may have to drill some holes, but these will be repaired before they leave. While they are inspecting the ducts, they will look for damage, such as leaks or cracks that may cause them problems while cleaning. 

Powerful vacuums are used to remove what they find inside the ducts. The vacuum is generally large and mounted on a truck. They may also use a handheld vacuum if you have a small home and not a lot of ductwork. If they find there is a lot of dirt, etc. built up inside the ducts, they use motorized or manual brushes to clean inside the ducts. The brushes can be inserted through your air vents or air intakes. There may be some cases where they have to drill holes to access some of the ductwork. When they are finished with brushing, they use the vacuum again to remove debris that was knocked loose. 

They next clean the cooling and heating unit and repair any holes they may have made. Everything is then sealed, and the vent covers the vents cleaned. 

If the ductwork cleaning company found a lot of damage to your ductwork, they may contact an HVAC contractor to repair the ducts or they may suggest that you replace the ductwork with new ones. Reach out to a professional who can provide air duct cleaning


22 December 2021

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