Top 4 Types Of Professional Carpet Cleaning Methods


A carpet can transform your room from an ordinary place into a magic room. Unfortunately, being one of the parts that receive the highest foot traffic, it also accumulates the most dirt and dust. If your household has pets, chances are they also enjoy eating, sleeping, and even sometimes urinating on the carpet. This is why you need deep carpet cleaning services. 

But since not all carpets have the same fibers, you need to hire expert carpet cleaners who understand the different cleaning methods. To keep you informed, here are four common professional carpet cleaning methods. 

Hot Water Extraction Method

Another name for this method is steam cleaning. Your carpet is first pre-conditioned using a chemical cleanser whose purpose is to lift dirt and any other particles stuck in the fibers. After that, heated water is pressured into steam and then injected into the carpet. Finally, all the debris and dirty water is sucked up using a powerful vacuum. 

The main advantage of this method is that it can remove all the deep stains and ingrained dirt. If your household has pets, this is also your go-to method as it can eliminate smelly stains and odors. 

Dry Extraction Method

This method is a product of the latest cleaning technological innovations but is already gaining massive popularity. As the name suggests, it uses no water and so has no drying time. Typically, cleaning powder is applied to the bottom part of your carpet using a rotating brush machine. The carpet's fibers open up, and the powder settles inside, resulting in deep carpet cleaning. 

After a few minutes, the carpet is vacuumed to remove the powder and any remaining dirt. This technique is suitable for carpets in commercial settings where floor coverings must be cleaned regularly and need instant drying. 

Bonnet Cleaning

High-moisturized equipment is used along with an absorbent pad immersed in a cleaning solution to clean the upper surface or the carpet's fibers. This absorbs the dirt, dust, grime, or soil on the surface of your floor covering. 

This method is also popular in high-traffic areas like hotels, where the carpet needs to be cleaned without using much moisture and dry quickly to avoid inconveniencing the guests. The only drawback is that it doesn't clean the carpet deeply, and most of the underlying dirt may soon emerge back to the surface. 

Encapsulation Cleaning Method

Here, your carpet is first vacuumed before an encapsulating chemical is applied. A rotary agitation machine is then used to agitate the chemical into the carpet fibers, and the dirt within is isolated. After a few minutes, the isolated dirt is vacuumed. 

Since this is a low-moisture method, it's fast, and your carpet can get back to use within a short time. It also leaves fewer chemicals on your carpet after cleaning. 

Reach out to a professional carpet cleaning service for more information. 


12 August 2021

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