Do You Need To Have A Radon Home Inspection Done On Your Home?


Radon is a naturally-occurring gas that doesn't have a smell and you cannot see it. While radon isn't always a danger, especially when it's outside and not in constant exposure for people and animals, it's not much to be concerned about. However, radon gas has been linked to lung cancer, and if it's found inside, it can pose a very real threat to those who are exposed to it.

You don't have to worry about radon gas in most cases, but if you feel you need a radon home inspection, then you should call a company that does this type of testing. They will help prevent radon gas from becoming a problem in your home. Whether your home needs radon home testing done is dependent on many factors, including where you live, past reports of high radon levels, and other concerns.

Here are signs you need to have a radon home inspection done on your home. You can get a radon home testing specialist to do the radon test for you for around $125 or more. You can also buy kits you can use yourself to check your home, although you will want to hire a professional to help you if radon is detected in the home.

You live in a high-prone home

Radon gas is found in the ground and seeps up into the air nearly anywhere. If you have a home with natural gas or use a fireplace — radon can be released into the air with the burning of coal and other materials — then your home can be more prone to high radon levels than a home that does not use gas or does not have or actively use a fireplace.

Homes in every state can be susceptible to radon gas, so it's wise to have a radon home inspection done on your home even if you don't meet the above concerns. Your home may have been tested in the past, so ask your local city or county clerk if they can pull up any reports of radon testing for your property or properties nearby.

You live in a brick home

Radon can be excreted into the home via certain materials, including brick. If you have a brick home, then having radon home testing done is a wise idea. If you have a poorly ventilated home or have concerns about the health of loved ones in the home, this is all the more reason to have a radon home inspection done. If radon is found in your home at high levels, your radon specialist will work to eliminate or decrease these levels for you. Contact a radon home inspection service for more information. 


13 April 2021

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