How Do Cleaning Services Remove Pet Odors From Carpet?


Pets can bring a lot of love and joy into your life, but they can occasionally cause problems as well. It takes time to housebreak young pets, and in the meantime, they may have accidents inside the house. Even older pets can urinate or vomit in the house when they're feeling unwell. Some pets even create a mess inside the house due to ongoing behavioral issues.

No matter what the cause of the problem is, you'll want to remove the stain and odor as quickly as possible. Fortunately, professional cleaning services can remove pet urine and odors from your carpet. Here are three techniques a cleaning service can use to help you.

1. Vacuuming

Pets shed constantly. Some people brush their pets regularly to reduce the mess produced by shedding, but some amount of pet fur will still make its way into your carpet. A carpet cleaning service will start by vacuuming your carpet. This step will remove pet fur from your carpet, which will begin the deodorizing process. Pet odor removal services have powerful vacuum cleaners at their disposal, which will allow them to effectively remove any amount of fur from your house.

2. Shampooing

Most homeowners should have their carpets shampooed at least once a year to keep their rugs in good condition. However, pet owners may want to have their carpets cleaned more frequently. Shampooing can remove dirt tracked into the house by your pet's paws. It can also remove pet dander from your carpet. Dander is produced by your pet's skin. It can trigger itchiness in people with pet allergies, and it can also make your house smell like your cat or dog. A thorough carpet shampooing will remove many stains and odors from your home.

3. Enzyme Solutions

The scent of pet urine can be particularly pungent since animals use their urine to mark their territory in the wild. Simply shampooing your carpet may not be enough to remove all of the odor. It's important to thoroughly clean the areas where pets have urinated so they don't repeat the behavior due to the smell. Fortunately, your carpet cleaning experts can use enzyme solutions to clean your carpet.

Enzyme solutions work by breaking down the ammonia found in urine. Your carpet cleaner will spray an enzyme solution on the spot they wish to treat. After the solution has been allowed to sit for an appropriate amount of time, it will be washed away.

For more information on carpet pet odor removal, contact a local cleaning company.


16 February 2021

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