Have Employees Working At All Hours? 3 Tips To Get Routine Office Cleaning


While some offices operate on a set schedule in which employees are only in the workplace during certain hours, you may allow your employees to come in at any time. This gives them the flexibility to come in and work when they are available instead of having to request time off because of something they need to do during the day such as going to a doctor's appointment.

Since you may expect the office to be occupied by at least one employee during most hours, you might it a little tricky to fit in routine office cleaning. To handle this situation, you should come up with strategies that you can implement to maintain a clean office for your employees.


When you know that most of your employees work during the weekday so that they can take weekends off, you should consider closing up the office on either Saturday or Sunday. This is a great option as it will give every employee a particular day off and it will give you a ton of flexibility by being able to hire cleaners to come in the morning, afternoon, or evening without issue.

If you are open to closing the office on either day, you may want to get feedback from your employees as this will help you maintain high employee morale throughout the workspace.


Although you can get office cleaning on the weekend, you may be interested in an alternative solution. This is when you will want to come up with a timespan during a weekday in which the office will be closed to employees. For instance, you can pick a timeslot in the early morning or late evening on any day of the workweek and allocate that time for office cleaning alone.

While this will come with some limitations in working with office cleaners, you can look forward to having a specific timeslot in which you get office cleaning every week.

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If you work in a busy office that picks up a lot of dirt and grime over the course of a week, you may want to get the workspace cleaned two or even three times weekly. This is when you can opt for basic cleaning each day to prevent dirt and dust from building up too much. Since the cleaning may not take long at all, your employees can take a short break when the commercial cleaning crew arrives.

Although your employees working at all hours can make it tough to get routine office cleaning, you can use these tips to find a solution that works for your situation.


18 December 2020

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