Helpful Tasks A Janitorial Service Should Help With In Your Restaurant


If you run a restaurant, you might be interested in working with a janitorial service. However, you might be curious about the types of services that these companies typically provide. These are some of the helpful tasks that you should be able to count on a janitorial service to help with when running your restaurant.

Cleaning Floors

First of all, it may be very important to you to keep the flooring in your restaurant nice and clean. A good janitorial service can help with hard floor care and can even assist with carpet shampooing in your dining area. You can keep flooring sanitary, clean, and in great condition with the help of a janitorial service.

Sanitizing Kitchen Equipment

Keeping your kitchen equipment and kitchen surfaces sanitary is critical if you want to run a clean and safe dining establishment. Although your kitchen staff members should sanitize the kitchen throughout the day, it's good to have a janitorial service help with thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen equipment.

Cleaning Tables and Chairs

It's only natural that tables and chairs in your restaurant might get dirty and sticky from being used all day long. Your waitstaff might do their best to wipe down tables and chairs in-between patrons, but getting tables and chairs nice and clean is something that a janitorial service can help with as well.


Dust can accumulate on light fixtures, decor placed around your restaurant, shelves that might not be used very often, and more. You should be able to count on your janitorial service to help with regular dusting to keep everything looking nice and clean.

Washing Windows

If your restaurant has a lot of windows, glass doors, and other glass features, you might find that it's difficult to stay on top of all of the streaks and fingerprints. A competent janitorial service can help with thoroughly cleaning windows.

Cleaning and Stocking Bathrooms

Public bathrooms can get dirty quickly and easily simply because they are used so often. A janitorial service can help with cleaning toilets, stall walls, urinals, and more so that your customers can have a pleasant experience when using your restrooms. They can also help with stocking soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and paper toilet seat covers.

Stocking Kitchen Sink Areas

In a restaurant, you may have multiple sinks throughout your commercial kitchen that are used for handwashing, dealing with dishes, and more. It's important to keep these areas stocked with soap, paper towels, and other essential supplies. These are all things that a janitorial service can help with.

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9 November 2020

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