The Etiquette Of Hiring A House Cleaner


Are you having trouble keeping your home clean? Maybe you're just so busy at work that you don't have time to vacuum and dust. Or perhaps you have a couple of kids who keep you running around so much that you just never get to scrubbing the shower. In any event, hiring a cleaning service can be a huge help. When you do so for the first time, you will want to make sure you adhere to these etiquette guidelines.

1. Clean up major clutter and tidy a little.

Clearly you should not clean your home prior to your cleaner's arrival. That would be silly and would defeat the purpose of hiring them. You should, however, make it a point to tidy up a little and pick up clutter. If there are kids' toys all over the floor, toss them in a basket so your cleaner does not have to trip over them in order to vacuum. If you left a few big pots on the counter, put them away. The less time your cleaner has to spend clearing this type of clutter, the more time they'll be able to spend cleaning.

2. Have a conversation about expectations.

Before your cleaner arrives, have a conversation about what they will and will not do. They want to know what you expect as much as you want to know what they will and will not clean! If there are things you want cleaned that your cleaner does not mention, feel free to ask. They may charge a little extra, but they'll usually get it done.

3. Stay out of the cleaner's way.

Most cleaners are happy to clean when you're not at home. You can just leave them a key or your lock code. If you do have to be home while the cleaners are working, stay out of their way. They are on a schedule and need to get as much done in your home as possible while there. By leaving them alone, you make it easier for them to do their job well.

4. Tip your cleaner.

It is considered polite to tip your house cleaner.  If your cleaner goes above and beyond for you in some way, such as by cleaning something extra, then leave them a slightly larger tip. 

If you follow the above etiquette guidelines, you will have a better cleaning experience and your cleaners will feel comfortable working for you.


10 July 2020

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