Questions For Office Janitors


When you start to see dust collecting around the office and realize that no one has time to do the general housekeeping duties that need to be done, you may consider seeking office janitors. However, while hiring an office janitor is similar to hiring a housekeeper for your own home, there are certain questions you should ask before getting into a contract with potential companies. 

Can your office get a la carte services?

One reason you may have been delaying retention of a janitorial company is that you don't think your budget is ready for a full cleaning package. You might only want the trash emptied a few times a week or to have the place vacuumed once a week. Luckily, while many janitorial companies offer a full suite of cleaning services, many companies are pleased to offer individual services as well. See if you can put together your own custom cleaning package that will fit your office budget and still handle the janitorial tasks you need to be completed.

What time of day will the cleaning happen?

Of course, it's unlikely that you'll want someone running a vacuum cleaner during the business day when clients are stopping by or employees are pacing about the place. You need to know for sure when janitorial staff will be appearing to get work done. Your preference may be for nights or weekends, but bear in mind you could pay a premium or extra fees for that to happen. Find out what more you'll be paying to have janitorial work done when your office is empty. You might ultimately opt to have cleaning staff come in early in the morning so that you don't need to pay anything extra.

Can they do external work?

Work inside the office is to be expected, but there might be times when you need someone to clean up trash around the building, pressure wash the building's exterior or wash the windows from the outside. Before hiring any janitorial business, ask about what special services they do or can contract out to their partners.

What discounts are available?

If you're sure that long-term work is something you'll need, you may be able to negotiate a janitorial discount for your office. Ask about incentives for long-term business or referring other companies to theirs.

With these questions in mind, you can set about hiring a janitorial company that will freshen up your office without disrupting any work. Meet with several janitorial companies in the area and find one that is most appropriate for the place you work.


17 February 2020

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