Tips For Getting The Best Results After Carpet Cleaning


How good your carpet looks after it's been cleaned will depend on quite a few things. Here, you'll find a few tips to help to ensure that the outcome is nothing less than you'd expect.

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

Even if you have one of the best home carpet cleaning machines, it is probably subpar to the equipment that professionals use. You see, home carpet cleaning machines use a lot of water and cleaning solution to attempt to clean the carpet, but they aren't designed with enough suction power to pull all of that moisture back out of the carpeting. This leaves the carpet very wet when you're done and it leaves the deep down dirt in the carpet.

When professionals come in to do the cleaning, they use only as much water and cleaning solution as is needed and the machines that they use have more than enough suction to pull the deep dirt out of the carpeting, as well as the moisture that's been added to the carpet to clean it.

Expedite the Drying Process

The faster the carpet is dried, the less the chances of wicking occurring. Wicking occurs when there's deep down dirt in the carpet and then the carpet is walked on before it's fully dry. In some cases, wicking will happen even if you stay off the carpet, but that usually only happens when there is a very dirty or stained area of carpeting.

To dry the carpet faster, get some fans and a dehumidifier, and try opening up the windows. You want to promote as much air movement in the room as possible. Try to keep the room as clear as possible until the carpeting has fully dried. This might mean leaving the sofa on the porch for a night, but doing so will help to circulate the air in the room and get the carpeting to dry rapidly.

Block off the Room

You don't want people walking on the carpet until it has fully dried. If possible, block off the room to ensure that nobody walks through it. If you have to go through that room, make sure that shoes aren't worn and that you only travel through it when absolutely necessary.

Talk with the carpet cleaning professionals near you to learn more about having your carpeting professionally cleaned for the best results. Hopefully, you'll end up with the perfectly clean carpets you expect after a cleaning.


15 May 2019

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