3 Ways To Reduce Chores & Errands In 2019


Chores can take up way too much time. It is easy to feel like all of your time is either consumed with working, sleeping, running errands, and doing chores. Luckily, there are lots of ways that you can reduce the amount of time you spend running errands and doing chores. With a little money, you can reclaim that time for yourself and use that time to relax or invest in improving yourself.

#1 Dry Clean Delivery

If you work in an office, and have a lot of clothing that you wear on a regular basis that is dry clean only, cut out the step of having to get all your dry cleaning together, taking it to the dry cleaner, and then remembering when you have to pick everything up from the dry cleaner.

Instead, sign up for a dry cleaning delivery service like Rockwood Dry Cleaners. The service will provide you with a bag to put all of your clothing in. You can put your clothing together, set it out, and the service will pick it up and take your clothing away. They will dry clean your clothes and bring everything back to you at a time that is convenient for you.

Some dry cleaning services will also do your regular laundry as well. If you find a service that does both, you can get your regular laundry and dry cleaning taken care of at the same time. All you have to do is gather together your laundry and put it away when it is returned to you. You can cut out all the time of dropping off your dry cleaning and picking it up and having to remember to wash your clothes and move everything into the dryer and fold it.

#2 House Cleaning

Keeping a house clean is a lot of work. Once you are grown up and have your own home, you can appreciate all the work that went into keeping your childhood home looking nice and clean. However, after a long week at the office, the last thing you probably want to do over the weekend or at the end of the day is vacuum, dust, and clean things off.

Hire a house cleaning service to come and clean your house. This can be a monthly service that takes care of the deep cleaning around your home, such as the bathrooms, or it can be a weekly or bi-weekly service that helps with more of the regular cleaning duties. Take some of the cleaning responsibilities off your plate by hiring a house cleaning service.

#3 Get Your Groceries Delivered

Instead of spending time going to the grocery store multiple times a week, get your groceries delivered. Sit down and create a meal plan for the week, and then add all the ingredients onto your virtual grocery shopping list for your virtual shopper. This will save you numerous trips to the grocery store and can actually make it easier to plan intentionally for meals.

Get your time back this year. Hire a dry cleaning and laundry service to clean your clothes. Hire a house cleaning service to give you a boast around your home. Use a grocery delivery service to cut down on the constant grocery store trips.


28 January 2019

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