Offices, Toilets, And A Whole Lot More: What Do You Need From A Commercial Cleaning Service?


Commercial cleaning services span the distance over several different specific services. Depending on what you need, you hire the commercial service that provides those services. If you need to figure out just what those services entail, here are the basic three services different commercial cleaners offer.

Outside Window Cleaners

​These cleaners only do windows, versus other janitorial services that might refuse to do windows. If your commercial building has a lot of windows, several stories of windows, etc., then you will definitely need to hire an outside window cleaning service. They will come to your building once a week, every two weeks, or once a month to wash all of the windows from the outside, regardless of the height of your building or the number of windows your building has.'

​Inside Basic Cleaning

​This is a janitorial service that does dusting, disinfecting, vacuuming, washing bare floors, and emptying trash and recycling. Spot cleaning walls and wiping down tables and chairs may also be par for the course. What this service may not​ do however is bathrooms. If the inside basic cleaning services will not clean bathrooms, you will have to hire a different service just for cleaning bathrooms.

Bathroom Cleaners

​This is a cleaning service that specializes in cleaning only commercial and public bathrooms. They thoroughly clean stalls, toilets, toilet seats, toilet flush handles, doors, floors, urinals, sinks, mirrors, and remove garbage and clean the garbage cans. Everything else is fully sanitized and prepared overnight for the return of employees the next day, or for customers' use.

If you want this service, they will place you on their rounds, which involves assigning a specific crew to your location and a specific two-hour window late at night, after close, and/or overnight where the team shows up, cleans all of the bathrooms in the entire building and then leaves. Since bathrooms are the biggest part of any cleaning job, it is why these companies have elected to take on the least favorite cleaning tasks and the most work as the sole focus of their cleaning company.

Hiring Your Service

​Always ask a cleaning service what they will and will not clean. Most cleaning and janitorial companies have their limitations or services they do not or will not provide, but then they may be willing to do other types of cleaning instead. Ask for rates up front before you hire to get a comparison of what you various required services will cost your company.

Contact a company, like Commercial Cleaning Services, for more help.


14 December 2018

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