Are Your Parents Moving In? Get Carpet Cleaning Before They Arrive


Cleaning the carpet in your home is something that you may like to take care of on a consistent schedule. But you may experience excessive wear and tear during certain months or years that lead to a change in when you get carpet cleaning service. Another factor that may encourage you to get service at a different time is a major life event such as your parents moving in.

While you could wait to get carpet cleaning until the date of your next planned service, you will benefit in more than a few ways by handling this responsibility before your parents arrive.

Make a Great Impression

Although your parents may know what your house looks like, you may look forward to impressing them with a clean and attractive home, which you can accomplish with carpet cleaning. Even if your parents are not expecting to walk into a spotless home, you may like the idea of surprising them with how well-maintained the house looks, especially the bedroom they will be staying in.

Eliminate Allergens

When your parents move in, you may want them to have the most pleasant experience. You can minimize the chance of a rough transition by eliminating allergens from your home. This means that you will want to dust and clean throughout the house before you get carpet cleaning. Then when professionals clean the carpet, you will know that the rest of the allergens are removed.

Get Rid of Stains

If you have old carpeting, you may end up with a permanent stain or two. Luckily, most of the stains on the carpet are removable, especially by professionals with the right equipment and supplies. While your parents may never see a stain underneath the bed in your bedroom, you will feel better about them moving in when you get rid of any stains in their room or shared spaces.

Invest in Protectant

Protecting the carpet in your home is a smart plan, especially when you are increasing the number of household members. When you get carpet cleaning, you should consider getting protectant for your parents' bedroom as well as the hallway and living room. This will make it easy to keep the carpet clean for at least a few months after your parents move into the home.

When you get carpet cleaning service before the arrival of your parents, you will feel confident about providing them with a positive experience when they move in.


12 September 2018

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