Cleaning "Sick" Messes In Your Public Restrooms: Why Janitors Need To Do This Fast


Running a retail store is always a day full of surprises. Unfortunately, some of those surprises are quite horrendous, and usually they involve your restrooms. While you do your best to maintain them and send employees in once an hour to make sure the toilets, sinks and floors are clean, sanitized and tidy, things do not always stay that way. It only takes one guest or customer to vomit or have diarrhea, and then you have quite the mess. Your janitors should tend to these messes immediately, and here is why.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Vomit comes from within the stomach and it causes blood vessels in your esophagus to rupture. Ergo, traces of blood come up and out as well. There are dozens of blood vessels in the intestinal tract, colon, and anus that also rupture from time to time. Hence, there are definite bloodborne pathogens involved in incidents where people have used public restrooms, and left substances behind without cleaning up after themselves. Your janitorial cleaning services need to remove all of that safely in order to protect the health and well-being of other customers/guests.

It Is Unpleasant to See, Worse to Smell

No one likes to walk into a public restroom and have their senses bombarded by what someone else left behind. When they see the mess, they will turn around and head straight out, possibly without making a single purchase or browsing the rest of the store. The sooner your janitors clean it up, the less likely customers will flee the store.

Being Reported to a Board of Health

State inspections in your store are quite regular, right? Some are just random and without warning. What do you think would happen if such messes were discovered by a board of health inspector? Nothing good would come of it, that is for sure. If a customer/guest decides to report you to the board of health or a state inspection agency, that is even worse.

What to Do If Your Janitorial Crew Is off for the Day

You should always have at least one janitor on duty in the store at all times. If any of them call in sick on a single day, you are stuck with whatever happens, OR you can call a janitorial cleaning service to come take care of things right away. Be sure to rope off the area and label that restroom as "out of order" until the cleaning service has arrived.

Contact a service, like First American Maintenance, for more help.


10 April 2018

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