A Quick Guide To Household Molds That Harm You


If you have some mold growing in your house, the first part of treating it is identifying the mold that is in your home. Here is a quick guide to the most common household molds that you may find in your home. 

#1 Fusarium

Fusarium mold generally has a grey to white tone and appearance to it. It is a soil fungus. This type of mold most generally is found inside of house plants as well as humidifiers. 

Fusarium mold can have negative effects on your health. The molds and the grains should not be ingested or breathed in. The most common side effects include nausea and diarrhea, and the more serious side effect include internal bleeding  and hemorrhages. This mold needs to be irradiated from your home for your health.

#2 Acremonium

Acremonium have varying appearances, and can have a brown or blue appearance.  This mold often spreads out really thin like, and covers an expansive area of space. Acremonium can have serious consequences on the immune system, and can damage your organs, bone marrow and even affect your mental health. 

This type of mold often hides out in the basement and in the insulation of homes. Oftentimes, occupants are alerted to its presence when they experience diarrhea and vomiting for no apparent reason. 

#3 Stachybotrys

Stachybotrys is generally referred to as black mold or toxic mold. This type of mold grows in areas where it is really wet. It generally takes a while for this type of mold to grow up and hit tends to stick to material that is porous such as wood, paper, and wicker. 

Stachybotrys generally affects one's respiratory system, and can cause tightening of the chest, pain in the mucous membranes. It can also result in headaches and fatigue. 

If you find excessive mold growing in your home, you need to have a mold professional come out and test the mold in your house to determine what type of mold is growing in your house.

If the testing determines that the mold growing in your home presents health risks, you need to deal with the mold right away. Generally, when dealing with the types of mold that cause health issues, you are going to want to entirely remove the material that the mold is growing on and extensively clean the area where the mold is present. 

You are going to want to have your home retested to ensure all the mold spores are gone. You are also going to want to take your family to the doctor if you discover a potentially health harming mold has been growing inside of your home. 

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8 February 2017

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