Three Things to Look for in an Office Carpet-Cleaning Service


In many offices, the carpet gets neglected. Dust and mold spores build up over time, making the indoor air quality in the workplace rather dismal. If you want to breathe easier in the office—and allow your employees to do the same—having your carpet cleaned regularly will help a lot. But you don't want to hire just any carpet-cleaning company to clean your office carpets. Make sure the company you hire offers these services.

Pre-Treatment Vacuuming

If you clean a carpet that has not been vacuumed, so many larger particles will need to be sucked up that the shampoo may not effectively reach and remove the deeper, ground-in dirt that you're really trying to target with carpet cleaning. Before you hire a company, ask whether they pre-vacuum the carpet. If they use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, this is even better, as the vacuum will filter out tiny particles like mold spores and pollen to ensure they're not left behind in the office air. If a company does not pre-vacuum but you otherwise like their services, you could always have your regular cleaning team vacuum the carpet before the carpet cleaners arrive if this coordinates with your cleaning team's schedule.

Advanced Drying Methods

Once the carpet has been shampooed, getting it dry as fast as possible should be the priority. When the carpet involved is in just one room in a home, opening the windows and turning on the fans is often good enough, but in a big office, drying out the carpet requires a bit more effort. Look for a carpet-cleaning company that uses a powerful extractor to suck as much water out of the carpet as possible. They should also bring in big fans to help air out the room and dry the carpet within a day or so. Be wary of a carpet-cleaning company that says your large office will dry out just fine without this equipment; you may pay the price with a moldy carpet that's worse than what you started with.

Green Cleaning Chemicals

Since the reason you're cleaning your carpet is to combat allergens, you don't want to introduce any new ones during cleaning. Opt for a company that uses green, earth-friendly cleaning solutions. These tend to leave fewer residues than conventional carpet-cleaning products, so you won't have to worry as much about employees with chemical sensitivities reacting. Plus, it's better for the earth since you're releasing fewer pollutants.

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22 September 2016

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