Soft, Cozy, and Healthy: Keeping Your Carpets Clean


In spite of the hardfloor trend in home design, carpet remains a favorite for some who crave the softness and the cozy feeling it creates in certain rooms. You may know you need to keep those carpets clean, but did you know that most manufacturers require they be professionally cleaned for the warranty to be maintained? Regardless of any warranty, however, clean carpets can help prevent the buildup of nasty pollutants that could affect your family, so read to learn more about how important proper carpet cleaning is for the health of your family.

Battling in-home pollutants

You might expect to find a great deal of dust and dirt in the carpet, but you might be surprised to find other hard-to-see and dangerous irritants, such a bug particles, pet dander, and even lead. You can and should vacuum at least weekly, but this only removes a small portion and can make the problem even worse by allowing those bad actors to be released into your indoor environment. Only a true professional cleaning from a carpet cleaning service can remove all irritants.

Why a professional cleaning service?

Professional cleaning services use special cleaning solutions that kill bacteria and then eliminate another problematic irritant, mold. Carpets that are left to air dry can grow dangerous molds, and professional cleaners use a super-powerful suction machine to pull that moisture from your carpets, removing dirt, dust, irritants and bacteria along with it. Even a small amount of moisture can sink into your carpet and pads and allow for mold growth.

Dust Mites

Most people cannot actually see these tiny bugs, but allergy sufferers will know they are there. It may sound disgusting, but we are constantly inhaling the feces and body parts of these little creatures. Only a very high temperature of water and cleaning solutions can kill those bad bugs.

Do It Yourself

We have all rented those big, bulky machines at the store by the day, but even this carpet cleaning method is no substitute for a real professional cleaning. These machines spew large volumes of water and detergents into your carpet but lack the vacuuming power professionals use to remove that water, help prevent the growth of mold, and remove irritants.

If you could see the pollutants and dangerous irritants hiding in your carpet, you would never allow your baby to crawl across it. Contact a local professional carpet cleaning company for your regular cleaning. Help ensure that you are doing everything possible to provide a clean and safe home for your family.




21 July 2016

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