I Still See Dirt: 3 Steps To Take When Your Robot Vacuum Lets You Down


You bought a motorized vacuum because you didn't want to push a manual vacuum around the house anymore. Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem to be picking up the debris as well as it once did. Don't toss your robot vacuum out the door just yet. It might just need some tender loving care. It takes a lot of work to move around your house all day trying to keep the floor clean. After a hard day's work, your robot vacuum will need some attention. Here are three steps that will have your vacuum as good as new again.

Daily Maintenance

Each time your robot vacuum completes a cycle through your home, you should clean out the dirt compartment. That's the little drawer located under the unit. Once you've emptied the dirt compartment, you'll need to clean the two on-board filters. Simply remove the filters and give them a gentle shaking over a trash can. This will remove the dust that could be interfering with the suctioning ability of your vacuum. Replace the filter and your vacuum will be ready for its next run.

Weekly Maintenance

In addition to the daily cleanings, your robot vacuum will also require weekly cleanings to keep it in tip top shape. For this project, you're going to need newspapers, an old comb, and a damp cloth. Before you start cleaning your vacuum, lay some newspaper down. This will give you a clean place to work and will keep the dust and dirt off your carpeting.

The first thing you'll need to do is remove the brushes from under the unit. Once they've been removed, you'll need to use your old comb to pull the hair and other debris out of the brush bristles. Replace the brushes into their housing unit and remove the wheels. Remove the hair that might be tangled around the wheel bearings, and wipe them down with a damp cloth. Once you've replaced the wheels, your motorized vacuum will be ready to clean again.

Monthly Maintenance

The monthly deep-cleaning will take a bit longer and will require the use of a screwdriver. You should also have some newspaper laid out to protect your work surface. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws attaching the spiral brush to the unit. Place the brush and the screw in a safe location so you don't lose them. Now, carefully remove the four small screws that you see on the underside of the vacuum unit. Once the four screws are out, you'll be able to remove the cover plate. Use a damp cloth or blow dryer to remove the dirt and debris that are caked inside the unit. Replace the cover and tighten the screws.

If your robot vacuum doesn't seem to be doing its job lately, it might need a good cleaning. Use the instructions provided above to help your vacuum do its job. 

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6 July 2016

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