Refreshing Your Granite Countertops After Scratches And Acid Damage


Granite is a preferred material for countertops due to both its beauty and durability, but even stone must change with time, particularly when exposed to the spills, slips and scratches of a busy kitchen. You may not even notice this gradual deterioration as it occurs, but an old photograph or sudden moment of realization may leave you cringing at how dull, scratched and rough your countertops have become over the years. Thankfully, an experienced cleaning service can offer multiple solutions, depending on the severity of the problem, to restore your granite to its former splendor.  

Removing Debris Left by Cleaning Products

In some cases, a dull, hazy film on your countertops may not indicate damage to the actual surface. It may instead simply be residue left behind by cleaning products, which those cleaning products cannot remove themselves. Acetone, more famously used as nail polish remover, may be able to strip away this film when common detergent fails. You should, however, exercise caution when using acetone on any surface, and remember to wash it off thoroughly once you are done to avoid damaging the counter's seal.  

Polishing Small Blemishes

Tiny cuts may not be enough to cut through a granite countertop's seal, but in sufficient numbers they can begin to grow unsightly and obstruct your view of the stone below. Many companies offer polishing powders specifically for granite, though the type of granite and seal you used in your countertop may dictate which products are and are not safe to use. When in doubt, defer to the knowledge of your cleaning service when choosing the right polish for your granite. 

Applying a Fresh Coat of Sealer

Sealing granite countertops is a relatively quick and painless process, and it should be completed regularly anyways. If you have neglected your seal, though, it can become scratched and tarnished and eventually allow harmful liquids to seep into the stone below. It may help to clean and polish the old seal as described beforehand even if you do apply a new seal. Once the seal has set and been buffed by you or your cleaning service, your countertop should look like its old self. 

Resurfacing the Granite

When the seal has failed and the granite itself has taken damage, a full resurfacing may be necessary to make it look presentable once more. This involves removing every layer of sealer to get to the actual rock slab, which is then polished, cleaned and treated until it is back to acceptable standards. Although this may seem like a lot of effort over some counters, stone resurfacing can act as an instant face-lift to your kitchen as well as revitalizing your granite, ensuring it will see many years or decades of further use without sacrificing its appearance or strength. Contact a company like Marble Tec Systems to have stone resurfacing done on your countertops.


29 June 2016

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