Have Allergy Symptoms In A Carpeted Home? 3 Problems To Tackle To Fix This Problem


Dealing with allergies while out and about or in the workplace can be an inconvenience, but it should not make a huge impact on your daily life as long as it does not extend to your home. However, what happens when your carpeted home starts harboring everything that is causing you to experience allergic reactions? Professional carpet cleaning can be used to eliminate all signs of allergens, but you need to invest in various methods to prevent them from coming right back to the carpet and causing problems again.

Pet Dander

One of the trickiest allergens to get rid of is pet dander. It is natural for all of your pets to shed dead skin cells, but they are not going to take a bath or shower on their own to avoid flaking on the floor. You will need to handle this responsibility to prevent their dander from getting into the carpet throughout your home. Anti-dander shampoos may not have proven evidence of working, but bathing your pet does. A weekly bath should be enough to prevent pet dander from sparking up allergic symptoms.

Pet Hair

Another thing that pets will leave at home is their hair that sheds. It is common for indoor cats to never stop shedding, so you must find the best solutions for keeping it from getting on the carpet. Brushing your cats and dogs on a daily basis will pick up some of the loose hair that would eventually fall off. Tackling this task outside in the patio, backyard, or garage is best, as long as you do it away from carpeted floors. Investing in a reusable lint roller will allow you to get pet hair off the furniture before it falls off.


Pollen comes in different forms, so it is a good idea to think about when you have the strongest allergy symptoms. Springtime usually produces notorious tree pollen and summer brings along grass pollen. Using this guideline can help you focus on avoiding pollen issues during your most affected season. Keep all the windows closed and get yourself one of the higher quality air filters that you can get for your home. HEPA filters are the way to go, mainly because they can block nearly 100% of everything you want to keep out.

Cleaning your carpet is important for maximizing the lifespan of your carpets, but you want reliable methods to keep your allergies at bay. Following these tips will prevent these allergens from hiding in your carpet, which will in turn reduce your allergy symptoms while you are at home. Contact a company like Go Green Carpet Cleaning for more info.


27 June 2016

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