Cleaning Dog Urine Out Of Your Floor Vents


Training young puppies and keeping up with older dogs that have lost the ability to hold their bladders is a lot of work. When you have floor vents in your home, it can take cleaning up their messes to a whole new level. Of course the dog would pee right over your vent and send urine down in the duct work. Now what do you do? Well, you can get to work cleaning it up which might not be as bad as you first thought. Here, you will learn a few tips to help you get the job done with as little grief as possible.

Get the Right Cleaner

To make this process a whole lot easier for you, get the right type of cleaner to use. Look for cleaning formulas specifically made for cleaning up pet urine. Nature's Miracle is one product that works great and is very easy to use. The solution is made to be sprayed onto the urine covered area and left to dry – no scrubbing whatsoever. The cleaner kills the enzymes in the urine that leave the odor behind.

Absorb the Moisture

Quality paper towels can be used to absorb as much of the moisture as possible, but you can go one step further in making the process easier. Adult diapers are perfect for soaking up dog urine, especially from areas that aren't easy to reach. They can absorb much more liquid than paper towels, which makes them better for the job.

Simply tape the adult diaper to a bent wire hanger with the inside of it facing outwards. Send it down into the duct work to absorb the urine that you can see and that has flowed away from the opening. Just make sure that you secure that diaper to the hanger to prevent it from falling off while you use it to clean up the mess.

Eliminate the Smell

Once you have absorbed as much of the urine as possible, spray the enzymatic cleaner down into the vent. In most cases, you don't want to introduce moisture into duct work, but this is the easiest and fastest way to kill the urine enzymes that will cause terrible smells to come through your heating and cooling system.

Douse the area very well with the cleaner and let it dry. If the smell persists, give it another spray. Don't forget to spray the surfaces around the vent where there is likely urine as well. This cleaner is safe for use on carpeting as well, so give it a spray.

If you cannot get rid of the urine in your duct work, contact your local air duct cleaning specialist for assistance. They have all the right tools, knowledge and abilities to reach those spaces that you cannot reach on your own.


22 June 2016

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