How To Easily Get Cooking Oil Out Of Your Upholstery


If you recently got some cooking oil on your upholstery, such as vegetable or olive oil, you should be able to remove the stain using a few household supplies and with a little time. 

New Spill: Blot Away The Oil

When you notice that you have spilled cooking oil on your upholstery, the first thing you need to do is try to remove as much oil as possible. Get either a paper towel or a clean cloth, and gently blot at the spill. To bolt at the spill, you will just take the paper towel and gently touch it against the oil; do not push or grind it further into the upholstery. Continue to blot until as much oil as possible has been transferred to your paper towel or cloth; if the paper towel or cloth become saturated with oil before you done blotting, get a new towel or cloth and continue to blot away.

Old Stain: Loosen The Oil

If the stain occurred a while ago, and the oil has set into the upholstery, you are going to need to try a different approach. Take a can of WD-40 and spray the area where the oil has become dried and hardened. The WD-40 will help to break up the oil and make it "fresh" again. Let the WD-40 sit on the stain for a couple of minutes, and then use the blotting process described above for fresh stains to get rid of the oil and the WD-40 you just applied to the stain.

Absorb Excess Oil

After you complete the steps above, depending on how long the stain has been in place on your upholstery, you are going to want to cover the entire spot with a nice little pile of baking soda. Baking soda acts as an absorbing agent, and will help pull the remaining oil out of your upholstery. Let the baking soda sit for at least a couple of hours. The longer it sits, the bigger the chance it will draw all the oil out.

After a couple of hours have passed, use a vacuum to clean up the baking soda. This will pull away the baking soda and any oil that has been absorbed into it without creating a larger mess.

Use Shaving Cream For Stubborn Stains

If the stain is still present after you have done the steps above, you can spray some shaving cream on the stain. Make sure it is old-fashion, white cream shavings cream, though; do not use any colored gel shaving cream on your upholstery, that could just lead to further damage. Scrub the area to remove the stain, then wipe the cream away with a dry cloth and use a wet cloth to sponge away any remaining cream and to rinse the area.

After going through the steps above, the cooking oil stain should come off of your upholstery. For further assistance, contact local professionals, such as those from Atlantic Carpet Care.


27 May 2016

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