Carpet-Saving Tips During Sporting Events


If your living room is game central when it comes to sporting events, your carpets might be bearing the brunt of your entertainment. When the big game is on, your carpets will be the last thing on people's minds. There are a few tricks that you can implement that will save your carpets from spills and damage. Here are four ways you can protect carpeting when everyone is over for the big game.

1. Keep Liquids on the Light Side

If you are hosting the party, you have a say in what drinks will be served. If you can limit drinks to light-colored beverages, these will be less likely to stain carpets if they spill. Discourage guests from bringing along dark beer or red wine. Have plenty of options available such as white wine, light beer and seltzer water if you need to swap out someone's drink of choice upon arrival.

2. Have a Mealtime, Not a Buffet

While some snacks and finger foods might be available in your living room, a buffet service doesn't need to be a part of this. If you will be feeding your guests, don't let everyone grab plates and meander back and forth between the kitchen and the living room. It might be best to get everyone in the backyard or kitchen before the game or during a break to chow down away from your carpets.

3. Put Down Area Rugs and Extra Protection

While you might not need to protect your carpeting every day, it might be a good idea to have a cache of area rugs that you can throw down on game day. Don't forget about hallways between your entryway, bathrooms, and the kitchen as well. If your group really ramps it up at the end of the season, you can buy vinyl carpet runners to put down to add an extra layer of protection for your flooring.

4. Clean as You Go

While you might be busy enjoying the game and being a model host, it can save your carpets if you clean as you go. Pick up discarded plates and drinks so that these don't get knocked on the floor. Keep an eye out for wayward pieces of food on the floor you can pick up before these are ground into your carpet's pile. If there are spills, do a quick clean up with spray cleaner or seltzer water so this doesn't set in and stain.

You might love having your friends and family come over and watch sports, especially if your living room is designed to accommodate a group. It is important to remember that you need to live with your home after everyone goes home. Hold off on professional cleaning from a company like 5 Star Carpet Cleaning until your favorite sports team's season is over.


26 May 2016

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