How To Make Your Bathroom Mirrors Sparkle Like A Pro


If it seems like you are always cleaning your bathroom mirrors but they never seem to get sparkling clean, then you will be pleased to learn that there is a simple procedure that will make your mirrors shine like the day that they were originally installed. Follow these steps to bring back the natural beauty of your bathroom mirrors:

Step 1: Remove Stickers or Decals from the Glass

Whether there is an old manufacturer-installed decal or your children stuck stickers on their bathroom mirror, the first step in cleaning the mirror is to remove them. To easily remove decals and stickers, you should use your hairdryer. Heat the decal area with the "hot" setting of your hairdryer, and remove the decals or stickers once the adhesive has become soft. If you find that there is some residual adhesive stuck to the glass, then you can remove it using a razor blade or a household cleaning product such as Goo Gone.

Step 2: Remove Paint or Hard Water Spots from the Glass

If your bathrooms have been painted since the mirrors were installed, then it is likely that the mirrors have some small paint spots on them. Additionally, people brushing their teeth often fling small particles of water onto the mirror and the toothpaste or hard water can cause spots to build up. To remove any spots of paint or other materials stuck on the mirror, remove them with a razor blade. Place the razor blade at a low angle to the glass and use it to carefully lift off any stuck-on materials.

Step 3: Remove Grease or Oils from the Glass

Once the glass is clear of anything physically stuck on it, then it is time to remove any residual grease or oils on the glass. Often people touch the mirrors in the bathroom, and their hands contain grease and oils that will leave smudges and streaks on the glass. If you never remove the oils, then even the best glass cleaners will simply move the oils around and the glass will never be crystal clean.

To remove the grease, mix a bowl of mild dish detergent in a bowl of warm water. Use a clean cotton rag to wash the glass with the soapy water. Follow up by cleaning off the soap with a clean, damp cloth. Once the glass is clean, then dry it off with another clean cloth to remove all of the water.

Step 4: Remove Water Spots or Smudges from the Glass

Finally, since cleaning with soap and water may still leave some streaks on the glass from the contaminants in your water, you should follow the cleaning with a solution of white vinegar and water. Spray the vinegar-water solution on the mirrors and then wipe them clean using newspaper. The newspaper will not shed, and once the vinegar water solution has been removed, then your home's bathroom mirrors will look like the day they were installed.

For more information or if you continue to have problems with your mirrors, consider contacting professional property cleaning services


23 May 2016

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