Unusual Ways To Keep Your Cleaning Team On Track In A Large Facility


If you are the owner or manager of a large facility, you are likely not doing the cleaning yourself. You are most certainly hiring a cleaning organization to take care of the cleaning for you. However, if you are managing a huge shopping complex where every day is unique, you will need to make sure that your cleaning service is able to adapt to the changes as well as you can. Here are some tips for helping keep your cleaning team on track in a large facility.

1. Ditch the Radios and Go With Phones Instead

You might be tempted to give your entire cleaning team radios to make sure that everyone is connected and communicating. This idea has a lot of problems. Radios can short out and not be reliable. They also create a harsh noise that customers and other people can hear, which might reduce their overall satisfaction with your facility. Instead, allow your cleaning team to use cell phones. Communicate directly through an app that will allow all of the cleaning teams to create their own communication channels. Make sure that everyone has push notifications enabled in order to ensure that they get the most relevant updates and create policies such as having the phone on a certain volume so that the updates are always noticed but so that the reminders are not loud enough to disturb customers.

You will be able to have more reliable contact with your cleaning crew and will be able to get written instructions out more quickly. You will also be able to show the employees that you trust them enough to have their phones on them, improving their overall morale.

2. Make Communication Itself Rewarding

Use an app that keeps track of the times that people respond to tasks on their phones or the number of emojis that they use. Each month, give out prizes for the people who have the lowest average response time to instructions, people who are reliably friendly in chat, and the people who give the most helpful instructions. This will encourage people to go through the chat and actually use it regularly because they can now get some form of reward out of it. 

3. Put the Day's Tasks Online

Finally, put the tasks that need to be completed each day or each shift online. Allow people to check off the tasks as they complete them. This will allow cleaning employees to regularly update what has been done, allowing you to avoid having tasks overlap or other problems that could hinder efficiency.

For more information, talk to a local company that specializes in janitorial cleaning services like A Plus Cleaning Service Inc. See what methods of communication they already have in place so that you can work more closely with them.


18 May 2016

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