Four Reasons To Avoid At-Home And Rented Steam Cleaners


If your carpet is looking a little less than fresh, you might be tempted to invest in an at-home steam cleaner. There are many steam cleaners available for rental at grocery and home improvement stores, and the potential for a squeaky clean carpet can be tempting. But at-home and rented steam cleaners can actually cause more damage than they resolve. Professional steam cleaning is usually a better bet for those who want a cleaner house.

1. They Don't Extract All the Water

Rented steam cleaners leave a lot of water behind. In fact, without professional extraction equipment, it's almost impossible to get your carpet very dry. The steam that a steam cleaner uses will penetrate through the carpet, the carpet padding, and any material under the carpet padding. If the water is allowed to stay there, it can result in mold. 

2. They Damage Your Carpeting Over Time

Rented steam cleaners and consumer steam cleaners are far more  damaging to your carpet than professional equipment. These cleaners usually have powerful, rotating brushes, designed to scrub the surface of your carpet -- and it's easy to see how this could potentially cause issues over time. Commercial carpet cleaning services use gentler equipment specifically designed not to harm your carpeting.  

3. They May Cause Your Carpet to Collect Dirt

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, cleaning your carpet can actually cause it to get dirtier. The chemicals used in at-home steam cleaners along with the rough abrasive brushes often create a sticky, frazzled mess. This frizzy, chemical-coated surface will collect more dust and dirt. Once a homeowner begins steam cleaning their carpet, they often find they have to continue steam cleaning their carpet. It isn't their imagination: it's actually getting dirty faster. 

4. They Can Stretch Your Carpeting

Wet materials stretch more easily. Because consumer steam cleaners saturate the carpet and then allow the carpet to remain wet, the carpet itself may become bowed and warped -- especially over repeated cleanings. When this happens, the only thing you can do is hire a professional carpet fitter to re-stretch your carpet and cut it back down to size. 

Though a consumer-grade steam cleaner may be able to get some of the dust and dirt out of your carpeting, it's very likely to cause problems with your carpet later on. If you really need to get your carpet cleaned, professional cleaning services (such as Boss Systems Carpet Cleaning) are affordable, fast, and safe.   


17 May 2016

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