Want To Work On The Landscape Bordering Your House? Clean The Gutters First


Whether you are interested in improving your property's curb appeal, or you just want to add some greenery to the area directly around your house, you may be looking to landscape your house's borders. Before you start working on these projects with adding mulch and new plants, you want to make sure the area is ready. The last thing you want is for your efforts to get ruined by irreversible damage. Cleaning the gutters is one of the main projects that you need to handle before starting your landscape work.

Avoid Smothering from Tree Leaves and Debris

When you do not clean your gutters for a long time, it is natural for tree leaves and debris to build up. Over time, this can lead to clogged gutters that prevent water from flowing properly. It can even lead to plant growth inside the gutters, which is another issue in itself. For a small price of $125 to $175, as long you have an average-sized home, you can get gutter cleaning that will help you avoid landscape issues.

Prevent Water Overflow on New Plants

Dirty gutters will either direct water slowly through the downspouts, or it may not do it at all. When your gutters are in extremely poor shape, you could have rainwater flowing over the edges of the gutter. If you were to start growing new plants around the house, right below the gutters, they could get flooded. Excessive water buildup can quickly kill plants, especially during their highly sensitive initial growth period.

Direct Water in the Right Direction

With downspouts, you have a chance to direct where you want the water to flow. It is best to make it flow in the opposite direction of your house as you do not want to flood the foundation area. However, instead of just making sure the water goes in another direction, you can use it to water plants. These plants must have high flood resistance to avoid permanent damage on days of heavy rain. However, for these plants to continuously get the water they need, you must keep up with gutter cleaning throughout the year. Coniferous trees often demand extra cleaning because their needles do not break down easily. If you have these trees on your landscape, you should consider cleaning the gutters every three months.

Creating a beautiful landscape around your house can improve curb appeal and your house's value. But, you need to make sure your gutters are not going to get in the way by having them cleaned. Contact a company like Nothing But Clean Window Cleaning for more information.


16 May 2016

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